Letting Go

I’m letting go of the expectation of life turning out any way but good for me. Which sounds funny because by saying I’m letting go, I would have any expectation at all, even for things to be good. I put it that way because I often live with my left hand reaching for the good, while snuggling with the bad. Not only is that draining, but it’s also a perfect recipe for inaction. Which is lameness.

I’m letting go because I can’t carry on relinquishing control and energy to irrational fears that are never truly actualized. It’s relieving to say the least. By giving up the fear, I have more time to sigh and enjoy the process. Which is awesome. Quite.

It’s a Beautiful Day!

I was thinking about the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun!” today. While I think everyone has experienced this to some degree, maybe it’s all about appreciation. For example, today is a beautfiul day. I could be frazzled that my bank account isn’t where I’d want it to be (by the way, I still wonder where my millions went. They’re supposed to be there already), or that I don’t know exactly what I want to pursue professionally. I could be upset that there are dying children and overflowing animal shelters or something. Or I could take a step back and realize that in spite of all of the bad things that happen, good things happen too.

Maybe if we all took a step back, time wouldn’t necessarily fly, we’d just have more energy to actually live productively, doing things we want to do.

Just a thought.