The Next Chapter

Nearly 7 years into having this blog, I have deleted all of its posts. I had posted infrequently and it didn’t really have any sort of focus. If anything, it served more as a journal.

I am pleased to have removed all of the previous content. I would like to start anew, especially because I’m in a transitional phase of my life. When I started this blog, I was an unappreciative 22 year old. I’m happy to report that I have graduated to being an unappreciative 27 year old.

I am not as pleased to admit that I had not lived into some of the wisdom I had back then. A few things I would tell my 22 year old self if I could:

1. Life will not happen to you nearly as often as you happen to it. Nobody’s coming to save you.

2. It’s awesome that you lost all that weight. Please don’t think that those little choices don’t matter. Every little bit counts. Please choose to be healthy.

3. You are deserving of a peaceful life. You are not responsible for anything beyond your scope.

4. Take time to breathe and focus on boundaries.

5. Save your money. You’ll need it.

It feels really good having written those messages to my younger self. I don’t regret my poor choices because they happened for me, but reflection is important.

Now, for the next step…

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