The City

Initially I wanted to have something structured and wanted people to see my blog as… I don’t know. Special? I’m not sure. Either way, it feels heavy so I’m just going with what I feel hehe. 

I was downtown on my way home this evening when I looked up at the tall, beautiful skyscrapers. I thought about how masculine everything is and how desperately it calls to the feminine to balance it. 

That’s why the downtown my city feels so lonely after dark… It’s so full of this amazing masculine energy and it craves softness. Like what New York and Vancouver have… A large art scene that’s authentic and built over decades of collaboration. It’s so beautiful to really notice all of the planning, effort and adjustments that needed to be made. Things I take for granted will work. That they’ll support me, allowing me to float effortlessly through my day. 

And I really love it… Every building was built from masculine energy that wanted to support the feminine, to keep it warm… Protected from the elements yet with full visibility to all that’s possible to it. Hence modern architecture. Everything is floor to ceiling windows. 

It makes me think of when a man takes pride in being able to protect. While we as women may not need it in the same way as we used to on the surface, I don’t know a single feminine woman who doesn’t want it on some level. Usually the only thing holding them from it seems to be what they think it means to have that, to be in a receptive state of being. 

Just some thoughts…