Freedum Yo.

Recently I have adopted another best friend. He’s really cool and we’re on the exact same wavelength in terms of creativity, values, preferences and aspirations. It got me thinking about what I did that led me to this awesome friendship, or to my awesome relationship I have recently acquired.

What did I do to prepare for this greatness? The only thing I could resolve is that I managed to soften enough and allow enough abundance that I could freely appreciate people in my life without confining expectation. I would say without any expectation, but that’s a lie. I expect people to have a base level of respect, but allow them to make mistakes of course. Mostly. 😉

This whole thing got me interested in what else I could apply this to. For example, at times I feel chained to my job. Like I wouldn’t be able to make a drastically different decision as to what I’m investing my time in, for fear of what I’d potentially lose. What could I gain if I simply began to feel more free about things. If I ultimately let go of whatever I could to move on to the next step. Hmmm. Something to consider.