The Beginning of the Year

It’s been an absolutely insane month and a bit since I last updated. My life has changed in so many ways, I’m not entirely sure of where to begin. I suppose the most fitting place would be in the realm of relationships. I found my extra special someone and I feel amazing about it. He’s literally everything I have ever asked for and we’re both excited that we met.
An interesting point is that I know how I managed to find this amazing fellow. Primarily based around becoming more abundant with relationships, in late 2013 I began to challenge myself to meet and network with people without expectation. I let go of the lacking feelings that kept me flustered for so long and voila! Man arrived. I really couldn’t be happier.
The abundance continued into 2014, with my close relationships becoming more valuable and in short, of more significance. This is directly correlated to my willingness to let that happen, to allow those bonds to strengthen. Someone told me once that I am a relational caregiver, something I hadn’t begun to understand until now.
I’m scared. I’m scared of change a lot of the time, which is amazing. Absolutely amazing.  

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