Quality of Work / Output

Lately I have been becoming gradually more conscious of the quality of output in the workplace. Primarily an assessment of my own performance, but I’ve also been considering the contribution and influence of the workplace collective. If you’ve ever worked anywhere consistently, or in similar environments, you know the different types of workers. There are those who do the absolute minimum, those in between, and those who work hard regardless of workplace circumstance. My focus is on the latter, those who are good, consistent workers wherever they are. I’ve known a few, and I always admired them. I always felt like whatever they told themselves to stay motivated was obviously more effective and better-serving than those who slacked.

Those who slack don’t realize that while they may “get away” with slacking, they don’t in reality. Their lack of output is noticed, and it’s a drain on the workplace. These types are so common however, that in lower-ranking jobs (ie. frontline customer service) where turnover is high, these people are more accepted as part of the average. The interesting thing is that the role and the amount of effort does not truly correlate. From my experience, I have seen people who make $25,000 a year work thrice as “hard” as someone who makes $70,000 or $80,000 a year. Granted it is a different type of work we’re referring to, with the $70,000 – $80,000 a year role (in the average company anyway) would likely partake in more high-level output, rather than more direct result frontline the $25,000 role would pay.
As I’ve matured, I’ve begun to see that I typically fall in between slacking and exerting effort above and beyond. It depends largely on factors such as whether I find the work challenging, rewarding, fulfilling, etc., or if I am complacent and unhappy. Variety is the key for me, and always challenging myself. I do my best to maximize my output as well as limit costs for the company I work for. Although the sick time is paid and some abuse it, I don’t see those resources as appearing out of thin air. I see it as a pool that is far above me, which allows me to prosper to the degree that I am contributing to the overall image. That’s only my perception though, and not at all something that anyone else is responsible for adopting. The same goes for the quality of output in the workplace or in life overall.
Everything that happens goes through a filter of beliefs and pre-determined judgment based on someone’s reference points. What they have found works, they tend to stick with. It makes sense. Before recently assuming my new role, I was falling a bit into the lazy-midway point. The variety and challenge that came with the new role has revitalized my effort and my overall expenditure in life. 

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