Is it Really That Hard?

I’m feeling re-inspired. Something I’ve really been considering lately is our perception of how difficult a given task can be, as opposed to the reality. What skills would one need to have to be considered valuable in that role, or offering that service?
Recently I spoke with someone in a leadership role whom I really admire about breaking social barriers. There is a window of time between becoming aware of someone and actually getting to know someone. If it exceeds that short time, it’s harder to establish rapport. I’m trying to limit just how many of those interactions I have. My friend discussed how she simply threw herself into it. Whenever she saw an opportunity, she found some way to be genuinely interested in the other person. If you’re sincere, it doesn’t seem contrived. She explained that she realized soon after becoming part of the group, that people were giving very clear signals as to how they saw things. If they were isolated, she knew she had to approach them differently than if they were laughing loudly with coworkers.
I found her advice about throwing myself into it really inspiring. It had me asking “is it really that hard to establish something special, superficial or otherwise with an aquaintance?”. The answer I came to was that it wasn’t too hard, as long as I maintained my willingness to adapt. Is it challenging? Yes, but it’s absolutely worth it. 
Interestingly enough, I received two invites that would put me in very social situations. Guess what? I’m going to try to attend both (incidentally they’re both in the same day, so I’ll see!). 

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