Comfort in the Uncomfortable

In an effort to push myself, as well as some push from leadership, I had applied for and have now gone through interviews for two potential opportunities. The first was for an internal program the company I work for offers that essentially offers non-managers with no experience to bridge that gap and do things like job shadow, offer relief, etc. The second was for a job doing collections-type work. Like any smart, efficient, massively successful corporation, they use behavioural interviewing techniques to discern the most qualified candidates. Naturally I was a ball of nerves as I haven’t had a formal job interview since June 2012. My preparation was out the window and I seriously needed to calm down. I think my examples were semi-strong, but my delivery wasn’t so great. The collections job interview was a day later and it went much more smoothly. I’m not quite ready to assume a leadership mentality just yet. At 25 or 28, more than likely, but it’s just a little much for me right now.
Beyond the ultimate result of getting a promotion, I saw it as an opportunity to push myself. Everyone experiences being too comfortable at certain points I think, and I realize how vital it is to challenge myself. To ensure that even when life doesn’t push me, I continue stepping forward. Bit by bit, I must keep going. While I was initially very stressed about how the first interview went, that gradually melted away as I let it sink in. I realize the opportunity wasn’t necessarily what I expected, which I always love. It was far more valuable than any theoretical or second hand career advice because I directly experienced it.
Moreoever, I learned that finesse is developed, it’s not a choice. I have struggled with either judging myself against people way further behind than I in their personal progress, or against people who are in their 40’s and 50’s who seem so professional and composed. Comparing myself has rarely benefitted me because the focus is on “why me?” instead of “how can I use this?”.
Growing up is something extra special, only if you want it to be! 

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