Laryngitis & the Value of the Voice

I think that most people have at last some sort of idea that many things in Western society are taken advantage of. I live in an area where it gets very cold in the winter. If it weren’t for electricity and natural gas heating, thousands would die and life here would be unbearable. After everything that could be burned was burned, people would naturally gravitate as closely to warmer climate as they could.

Twice this year I have developed laryngitis. The first time was near the end of August, and I am in the throes of another spell of it that has been angry since yesterday morning. I sound like what Barry White would have sounded like had he smoked tinfoil for 186 years. It’s embarrassing and it means that today I called in sick to work. My work depends on my speaking ability. If I can’t speak, I cannot work.

This got me really thinking about my life. Specifically, how much I take advantage of my ability to see, speak, to breathe through my nose. To have a functioning, healthy body. What a magnificent thing that most people only begin to truly appreciate once they lose something integral to their existences.

From this point forward, I really want to take some time to really begin taking care of myself. Refining my diet, my thinking, the experiences I invite into my life. What’s the point of travelling if you can’t walk properly to really appreciate some of life’s greatest?

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