Undeveloped Skill & Becoming That Girl/Boy/Man/Womb

Two things happened recently that affected some of my thoughts on my current path. The first was that I attended a seminar on financial planning that my work was paying for. It was okay, albeit a little rushed. Something the facilitator said though really struck me. He told the group that at 25 years old, you are your biggest asset. It tied perfectly into what my thinking has been about my earning potential as a 22 year old. My awareness is invaluable… if I use it.

Which ties into my current value. Let’s take writing. I think I have an above average mastering of the English language. It’s nothing too special, it’s natural to me. That being said, if I applied consistent effort and maintained an intense hunger, I could become a paid writer. While I do plan to write a book, I also know I have to become someone more before that point.

Skill is useless unless you care to harness it and really shape it. To become a millionaire is so much more than the dollar amount. You have to become deserving of the affluence, otherwise you’ll find a way to sabotage it (ie. lottery winners). I have done this for years, stifling my professional development. Not intentionally, it happened as a result of my defaulting to unconsciousness stagnation and learned helplessness. If I’m being straight up, I am totally half assed at work. Most of the time. This will change though.

I’ve really begin to see the reality that successful people leave obvious facts in their trail, primarily who they are as successful people. What they did to become who they are, doing what they now do. I was forced to call on my past interactions with faux management. You can always tell, almost on a primitive level when someone’s words don’t add up. There’s something to be said for becoming a strong person, a good leader, a good lover, etc.

…and I’m determined to focus on becoming the strongest version of myself in the mix of it all.

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