Satisfaction & Professional Alignment

Today marks the first day I seriously consider what I want long term. In the past I’ve always approached my professional aspirations in terms of what I could get. How much money, how little I might have to do for that money, etc. As I’ve grown, I’ve discovered, by way of having made little money and then lots of money, that money isn’t a primary motivator.

When I worked retail, all I wanted was a call centre job that would give me tons of overtime. The last two jobs that I have had have done exactly that. The one I am currently at has also allowed me plenty of time away and a comfortable environment. On the other hand though, the longer I continue to pursue the same thing (which is nothing at all), the more out of alignment I become with myself.

I attended a party on Saturday that really shifted my attitude from unconsciousness to presence. I began really utilizing some of the resources my workplace has offered and had time to shadow and talk with different departments. I realize and embrace that this all comes back on me, this entire process. I also know that at 22, this is the time to jump head first into something new.

I’m really considering where I want to be at 32, 42, 52, 62 and so forth. I know I won’t be pleased if I continue on this current path, though I know I have things to learn because of it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be unfolding quite this way.

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