Quitting Coffee and Challenging Addiction

So the other day, I didn’t make time to have any tea or coffee before I left the house. It was totally unplanned, yet amazingly liberating. Caffeine seems like such a harmless staple of the Western diet, something most people “depend” on to survive their day. At least that’s what they think.

I’ve realized that my struggle to maintain consistent change has come from a lack of focus historically. Perhaps that isn’t true. I was focused, just on thoughts and stories I was telling myself which did not benefit my larger-scale goals. For example, I looked forward to me morning coffee or my evening tea (herbal or caffeinated). It made me happy to sit there with a warm cup of deliciousness because it felt like such comfort.

On the other hand, I don’t like depending on substances. It’s not sustainable. On a high level, I consider it the same as needing a gram of cocaine to get through the day. At least that’s how it appears to be treated by society at large. Obviously the images in our minds of what these respective substances can do are quite different, but it’s nevertheless a similar attachment. It’s ultimately worse for caffeine or any sort of a food addiction because abstinence is not a viable option in many circumstances.

So it’s an interesting path, one I’m happy to be on. I know that ultimately I do want to be addiction free, and to continue challenging myself. It’s not like I ever did drugs, but I also spent way too much time clinging to ideas and subsequently a food addiction that’s clung to me for years.

I’m excited to say the least. I don’t think I’ve been this serious before.

UPDATE on November 29, 2013: I did not quit caffeine for any longer than that day. I reasoned that it was the lesser of my problematic habits, and that it benefits me at this point in my life. Will this always be the case? I hope not. Though it is what it is for now. There’s bigger fish to fry 😉

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