Perceived Truths

It is really interesting to me how simple it is to believe a story we tell ourselves. To think that so much suffering really comes back to how little time has been spent truly evaluating the things people think consistently about.

For example, I used to think I was too fat. I used to think that I was just nasty because I had a belly and my arms were a little flabby. I learned about this story to some extent, from social conditioning and the “perceived” beauty, but mostly from my own feelings in response to how I got that way. Nobody said any of this to me, mind you. I find a lot of girls lack the pressure of negative social feedback that generally pushes people into a different direction.

It took me mere minutes to diffuse my ideas about weight. It’s silly. My body’s awesome. I love my body. It digests food and grows my fingernails without me having to think about it. How awesome.

Oh, and interestingly enough, I’ve had no problem letting go of some of my terrible problem feelings, foods and thoughts. All by accepting that bodies are really awesome.

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