He’s Doing the Best That He Knows How To

I’ve been asking better questions lately, and I’ve come to realize a number of things. I decided to question my past beliefs on relationships and how I interpret things that have happened during some of my own past relationships. I did not realize how easy it is to assign a helpless, inaccurate meaning to things mindlessly. From that frame of mind, you make the person the enemy, whether it’s a lover or anyone else.

For example, with an ex of mine. He’d become quiet from time to time and instead of me thinking “Maybe he’s just thinking about something else. If he wants to, he will share with me.”, I’d instead think “What did I do wrong? Why isn’t he sharing?”. Even when I consider now how that feels to think about, it’s crazy that my stomach knots up and I feel sick on the latter question. Asking the wrong questions of myself sabotaged what I thought I wanted countless times.

I’m beginning to question my beliefs on finance too. Focusing on a state of abundance is wonderful, but it’s also vital not to just go into a state of unconsciousness about how you manage it. Not that it’s related to my post on relationship questions, mind you. I find it valuable that asking questions are what runs, or stops everything.

I ultimately decided to title this “He Does is Best Doing the Best He Knows How To”, because I don’t believe that anyone actively tries to do bad things. Even people who seem to do bad things, they feel that’s what they need to do to survive in this world. At least that’s what I choose to think. It’s a more productive mindset than feeling helplessly victim to the wrong questions.

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