Resurfacing at the Perfect Time

Today I spoke with a dear old friend that I’d fallen out of a friendship with nearly a year ago. She and I had been friends for about five years, spending time together several times a week. We were pretty close, and had a similar mindset. Similar interests, too. She actually helped inspire me to be fiscally responsible and reinforced through action how valuable independence can be. I really admired her, even when we weren’t friends. She bought a house on her own when she was 24, and was the first person I ever knew who had done that. She takes care of her daughter and works really hard.

I realized that with my closest friendships, there are moments, times when we must be apart. With my best friend, it was about 16 months, with others it’s been just a few. The only conclusion I have come to with that is that it is necessary for the naturally contracting and expanding nature of life.

I’m excited to say the least, I have a deeper appreciation for everything now. I’m quite thrilled about how much better life is. Even though I’m only 22, I feel like I’ve reached a new level in my personal evolution, and it feels natural. It feels comfortable, exciting, smooth, and terrifying all at the same time. This new revelation on focus I’ve had recently has done wonders for me. Your mind must be occupied, otherwise it’ll invent problems for you.

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