Questions, So Many Questions!

I spoke with a close friend of mine recently who got me thinking about how day-to-day living has led me to focus only on what’s in front of me, almost leaving the future to default.
I realize also that it’s not a good thing to sort of take a back seat to your life because it’s important to have a sense of direction. Personal development material often leaves me questioning the balance between controlling your destiny, and radically accepting the present. Taking present action. Motivated by what though?
I think it was a Tony Robbins video I saw awhile ago where he talked about success being based around what questions you’re asking. For example, asking “why me?” would yield a matter-of-factly result of “because you eat too much”, or “because you spend all your money”, or “because you’re stupid”. It’s not a thoughtful question. I’ve been playing around a lot lately with questions and I’ve come to the conclusion that my recent struggles to maintain focus have more to do with my own comfort.
These next few weeks I plan to really work on what questions I run my day with.

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