Trust & Patience

I’m beginning to accept that one of the greatest things is when you can love someone unconditionally. I have always struggled with this because of my own feelings of lack, but life just isn’t any good without it. If you constantly put your happiness in the hands of others, you’ll be disappointed a lot. I am responsible for how I choose to feel by way of what I choose to focus on. If someone does something I don’t think they should, while I used to take the victim route, I now see it as an opportunity to accept that life is ever-changing.

In spite of our best efforts, life has to change whether we feel ready or not. We almost always are (I don’t know when we aren’t, but I’m sure someone hasn’t been ready before), but it’s really easy to be attached to how things should be. Just writing this, I feel that heavy sensation of guilt lifting. On one hand, it’s always shitty to be disappointed. Nobody wants to be let down, but it also exposes your true motivation behind a lot of things. At least in response, it’s a very clear idea of where you are. Apparently I’m still in an outcome-dependent, love-starved mode. I, however, am not loved starved. I am actively working on sharing my love with more people by way of being positive most of the time, and it’s quite rewarding. For someone to feel so lacking, it’s silly enough to make me laugh as I write this. There are so many people, so many things to do on this planet.

Ah, this is awesome. Just with writing a few words, not dependent on feedback or anything, I feel amazing. I love life, especially because of the tough times ❤

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