Something Extra Special

I’ve really come into my own as a woman this past month, after a long time developing. Of course, this is merely the beginning of a much longer, elaborate journey. I think I’ve found something special. By that, I mean extra special. I met someone I really like and it feels more natural than before. I’m a walking cocktail of excitement, peace and what I would consider happiness right now. It’s actually thrown a wrench in my plans to relocate to a different city. Logistics and stuff, as he lives in L.A., and I’m in Calgary. I make more money now than I likely would in the city I wanted to relocate to, but I don’t know. There are some other things to consider, but I discovered today that the cost to visit him, or for him to visit me is actually not so bad. I don’t know what I expected, but it’s totally manageable.

I do still feel like things do have a purpose, and that I wouldn’t trade any of my past experiences. I find that people tend to meet you where you are in life, and interestingly enough, it’s all folding together wonderfully. I can’t help but smile and feel this trust wash over me. It’s not entirely up to me, and it really is mostly about letting go.

A friend once told me that you “never really know” about when someone’s totally right for you. By totally, I mean right in the sense you think they might be. If a relationship lasts a year, is it less worthy than a relationship that lasts three or five? I don’t think every relationship was meant to last, fortunately for those involved. How awful that would be haha.

I had a whole plan for this blog entry, but it’s just become thought vomit. Like all of the entries on here. Either way, I hope everyone (or anyone?) who reads this is having a good day.


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