Mindless Om-noming Resolution

In the last year and a bit, I realized that profit, weight loss, happiness, etc. are all results of psychology behind an idea or a person. It’s all in your perception and how you position things. When I thought of starting this blog, it was a result of feedback I’d received from friends and family over the years that always told me I was a fairly good writer. Even this is a result haha.

Since I’ve shed 20 lbs. this past month, I’ve really begun to truly evaluate my relationship between emotions and food. I created my attachment to it, likely through easy access in my younger, more stressful days. These past few days I’ve spent really considering my triggers. I was legitimately on a high for the first three weeks. I felt amazing, all that exercise and that feeling of your body digesting itself. The excitement wore off, as it often does, so I’m back trying to establish a new perspective. I had a few indulgent meals, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a little bad, because I completely revert back to my old mindset for the duration of the meal.

I realize that my willingness to even evaluate my thoughts around it is progress. I’ve mentioned before that I spent alot of time being unconscious about a lot of things.

I don’t think I made any points here, but I’m a little sick with a ridiculous throat/allergy/hateful thing going on that’s leaving me sounding like Courtney Love today. It was Barry White yesterday, so I don’t know if that’s progress or not.

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