Snap Moments in Life

After more than a year of immersing myself in personal development material, I’ve obviously picked up a few recurring themes. One that’s on my mind today is from Tony Robbins I’m sure. I’m about to poorly paraphrase here, so be patient. It might have been in one of his books or in a seminar I watched, but basically he talks about how some people will respond to pain more than pleasure. The things people are willing to do to avoid pain vs. gain pleasure.

On July 26 I went to the doctor and it wasn’t the best. It wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m a sensitive person and I care a lot about what the important people I interact with think. Within reason, my doctor is one of those people (by within reason, I mean that I wouldn’t take everything he says for gospel. What if he’s part of the ‘system’ trying to keep us all down!? Haha, just kidding ;)). I spent years overindulging and eating to absolute excess to soothe my pain. The pleasure of feeling light, looking and feeling sexy, and essentially having the confidence to pursue my dreams was more painful as an unknown than the comfort of eating to excess.

Just over a month into it, I have shed 20 lbs. (I say shed, mostly because lost implies that I don’t know where it went. I digested it! I digested all of it!), and I’m back in a relatively normal range for my health. My blood pressure is about 12 points lower than it was, so I’m happy.

The point of this blog entry is that in one moment, the pain of continuing a lifestyle that cannot be sustained (as almost any addiction cannot be, at least long term) was smashed to pieces when the doctor pulled me out of my dream world. Not with his words, but by how aware I was of my greatness in that moment. By that, I mean my potential greatness.

You hear a lot of personal development coaches and speakers refer to your gifts as belonging to those who you come into contact with. Holding back really does seem selfish when you think about it. By holding back, you’re implying that you’re somehow entitled to keep your gifts. I’m not saying that shedding weight is a gift, it was a conscious decision. The gift is the fact that I can share, and that I choose to share my thoughts on this blog.

I could be like one of those professional bloggers, spending days labouring over my work, trying to find some way to make it marketable and easy to read. In truth, I’m being incredibly honest. I don’t edit my stuff, I just type it and put it out there. What happens after that is hopefully cool, but overall satisfying for me. I feel good sharing this stuff because this is what I think I would have liked hearing when I was younger.


Phew, and to top it off, in spite of having an hilariously hoarse voice today, it’s sunny! It’s totally sunny and beautiful. (Please forgive the sub par picture. Maybe Google some prettier sunny day pictures for effect :))

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