It’s Supposed to be Fun

I was talking with a friend recently about my adventures in dating. Historically, she and I had years of baggage from our pasts that hindered personal progress and subsequent relationship development. We have spent years working through our issues, but heavily since early 2012. After all of the effort, I actually feel more ready than I ever have, though my scarce thoughts still occasionally return. I manage, however. It’s not like it stops me from dating.

She recently entered a relationship with a guy she’s fallen for. I’m excited for her. It reminds me of how she was right before she met him though. She seemed a lot less heavy about the whole thing. I’ve had my moments of that, but it’s made me think about what she did differently that I should do. Granted, while I don’t envy her relationship, the relationship is nevertheless a result of her psychology. At least from my perspective.
I came to the conclusion that dating should be fun. I’ve been exploring possibilities with a number of great guys, and I don’t feel a need to push myself to make any sort of decision when they have the same smooth approach about it. I can’t lie though, it does feel good to appreciate someone without an agenda.

I am actually appreciating the journey. The duds, the gems and the friendships that have come out of my adventures in dating.

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