Remembering the Days

I always tend to go through these rather inspired phases. I virtually abandoned (what am I saying? I totally abandoned this blog) this here blog for several months while I literally did nothing of value. Well, that’s not true. I participated in some drama and then learned lessons from that. I also went on a short trip to Vancouver to experience some further drama between a friend and her new boyfriend. Oh life. Anyhow, I was inspired by a meme I saw on Facebook. The meme is attached.


Most people might just see that and quip something funny, but it struck a chord within me. It reminded me of when I moved out at 16 during the summer of 2008. It was with my best friend, and her boyfriend. Well, us and his fetishes haha. That’s another story for another time. I remember though, a good cheque back then was $600. The average was about $520. My rent portion was $434 a month and I somehow thought it would be sustainable.

It ultimately wasn’t, but I learned a few invaluable things from that time. The key ones I remember were how painful it was that I had to choose food or having laundry money since laundry was $6 for a load. Since I chose food, I also chose to wash my clothes in the tub. I figured I could just drape my clothes on the balcony railing and since it was a warm, beautiful summer where the sun was shining happily every morning. The only issue was that the sun didn’t rise on our side of the building. In fact, it never once during the day would have been able to dry my clothes. Shamefully, I went to work in damp clothing more than a few times. I didn’t want to sit on the train uptown because I felt gross enough already.

These days, I smile whenever I get to put my clothes in the awesome machines to wash and dry them. I’m also grateful to have a bed, and not a mattress pad on the floor. Standards are awesome.

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