Calgary Flooding & Emotional Effects

Over the course of two days roughly, June 20 and June 21, it rained pretty consistently, causing bodies of water in southern Alberta to increase flow greatly, up to 5 + meters in places. This of course resulted in flooding and subsequently 175,000 people to be evacuated. I don’t really care for the shocking details as I could imagine every minute, especially for those affected has felt like ages. I can’t even imagine how shitty it must feel with your house being flooded. Granted, bad things happen every day. People die, people lose their homes, their family members. People starve. But not here.

On Saturday morning, I woke up with an incredibly sore jaw. It was sore from clenching all night. I slept about three hours and I couldn’t seem to relax. I was in a state of wanting to cry, feeling like a child lost in the airport. Or how they must feel. I didn’t know why. I spent all day in this unusual mode of panic without really knowing a direct explanation as to why. It wasn’t until later when I was speaking with my father and I came to the realization that Calgary has always been my home. The safe place where life would be essentially the same, with the world sort of spinning around it. Almost like it was safe from “those” things that affect the rest of the planet. Silly, I know. That’s probably why I didn’t pick up on it all day. I felt instantly better admitting it though.

The overtone I realized, the monumental thing I learned from the experience is that the stuff, the false sense of security we (me, many others) form by way of our jobs and things like home ownership and various other degrees of “stability” are just thoughts and ideas. True security, as well as true value is determined by yourself and the important thing is to remember that life is about others. Bad things happen all the time. Good things happen too, and fortunately there weren’t many fatalities. Two if I’m not mistaken, and a few missing. Not that that isn’t sad, but mind you, the sense of community and the outpouring of support from the lovely people of this city help to reinforce that the giving nature of humanity isn’t all but lost amongst ego-driven separation.

A very, very humbling experience to say the least. From my perspective as a somewhat sheltered individual. ❤

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