Coach Trevor

So a few weeks back, I saw a random post on Facebook that was an early chapter in an upcoming book called The Devil in the Shadows by Trevor Kucheran ( It was interesting initially, because I didn’t read it, I merely ‘liked’ it. Until yesterday.

When I woke up, I saw a new post he had for I think chapter 29, and I was compelled to read it. Something about it, perhaps because it happened where I live, or perhaps because it was about addiction in general, really resonated with me. I actually read all 31 posted chapters (there’s 32 as of today) yesterday.

Basically the book is about his struggle with alcoholism. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in a good story that also happens to be free. He plans to privately publish the book, providing a link to his Facebook fans, but for now it’s all out there. It’s really an amazing story that really had me thinking about addiction in my life. I’ve never personally struggled with alcoholism, but it’s all the same hole in the soul.

Hmm. I’m still processing everything I feel about it, but either way. Links above if anyone’s interested :3

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