Bad Food Dilemmas

So I’ve been a recovering sugar fiend, held by the clutches of Skittles (whether Sour, Tropical, regular or one of the more exciting Cores or ooooh! the Darkside ones. *drool*), chocolate covered almonds, chocolate milk, Fuzzy Peaches, you name it. Until recently, while I was aware, I wasn’t fully ready to accept that I was addicted. I was somewhat in denial, but more or less ignoring the pink, sugary elephant in the room.

Anyhow, in my personal progress, I realized I wanted a slim body more than I wanted the seeming-crack high of ridiculous amounts of sugar. I usually don’t have a huge problem with this, but I have been getting hit with waves of low blood sugar in the afternoon (could have something to do with cutting about 800 – 1000 calories a day – ongoing process), so I am often left battling these familiar impulses. Yesterday I was particularly exhausted, so I took transit. My headphones had died after I tossed them blindly in the washing machine the day before, so I needed to make a trip to the drug store to get some cheapies.

I got in the drug store and immediately saw all of the greats; Snickers, Oh Henry (you mean Oh BABY!), and my favourite, Skittles. I couldn’t stand the thought of just relapsing to my old sugar-fiend ways, so I settled on getting jerky (not that I often eat that either, but it’s the lesser of two evils, kind of). Right before I went to get the jerky, there appeared a gaggle of youth who were intimidating to say the least, and it wasn’t my strongest moment. I quickly darted to the back of the aisle and grabbed some delicious looking Glosette Almonds. I held them closely with my new headphones in hand, of course shamefully trying to hide them from this child that was in the aisle, as if they cared. I got all the way to the till and saw some even better looking orange Tic Tacs. I promptly looked away as I threw down the Glosettes I wanted and grabbed Tic Tacs.

It’s a day by day process. Le sigh.

Oh, and I ate all of the orange Tic Tacs virtually at once. Haha, oh me

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