Dating Sites

This generation is more connected than ever, yet we couldn’t be more separated. Or so it seems. In the past, I’d dabbled in online dating, with varying degrees of drive and seriousness to actually find an extra special someone. Anyhow, this past month, I’ve made it a point to actively pursue at least networking to find people I’d like to have in my life, less the weighted expectation of relationship potential. At least that’s what I disguised it as.

It’s funny to me how people (by people, I mean me) go onto these sites and list themselves as “looking for friends to hang out”. If “hang out” is slang for hardcore XXX, then yes. I’m seeking some “friends” to “hang out” hahaha. Can’t have too many friends, eh? I’m only kidding. Maybe.

Anyhow, I decided that I needed to find a way to display myself in the best possible light I could, while devising the perfect amounts of sexy with sweet and not overselling. I don’t want to make it seem like any of it was staged, you know? I was just lying here, sprawled out, semi-seductively eyeing up my webcam camera while hoping it doesn’t smash, blowing the entire plot. The pictures turned out well. As expected, I got a crap-ton of responses. Everyone was coming out of the woodwork (by everyone, I mean some people). Black guys, Latinos, middle Eastern guys, white boys, you name it. I got message after message of “hi” and “ur hot”, and I couldn’t help the perpetual eye rolling.

It got me really thinking… in a pool of millions of potential partners, don’t these guys find it something of a priority to position themselves to get the maximum result out of the least amount of effort, especially with something as superficial and general as online dating can be? I even found myself mindlessly scanning through dozens of profiles, almost hoping that the man of my dreams would leap out of my laptop (Can that happen? He can leap out of anywhere anytime now), reducing whole people to mere words on a template.

In short, I took a step back and realized that every person, well almost everyone on those sites are people. Whole people with awesome friends (hopefully), and loving families. Maybe they aren’t for me, and that’s okay. But they deserve my attention when I’m actively trying to see the good in them. Unless they’re rapists. That shit ain’t cool.

One of my profile pictures. I'm looking happily at the uneventful ceiling.
One of my profile pictures. I’m looking happily at the uneventful ceiling.

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