Bathroom Rant / Concern

I wasn’t intending to make this blog a ranting thing, but hey. I don’t know of any blogs that don’t at least have a bit of ranting. Either way, the ones who don’t are really missing out. Anyhow, this is a rant about the bathroom. Well, a concern.

In my workplace, the commonly used bathroom stalls are a little crooked. The doors don’t really close properly on some, so it’s incidentally caused a number of women to not actually lock the door as they are doing their bidness. Today I walked in and the stall was open ajar, and I almost opened it to use the stall until I saw some shoes beneath the door. Perfect timing on my part, I patted myself on the back and breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t freak myself out since I’m running on pure cortisol after a short night of sleep this past month.

Simply put, lock dat door when you’re in the batroom. Yhrrrrrr!?

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