Resistance, Etc. Part I

It’s important to know that in spite of just how much information someone can expose you to and in spite of how much you may understand, there’s a piece missing when you don’t take action. Throughout it all, I noted that the most value comes from thoughts that motivate the action specifically. Don’t get too caught up on details and how what you want will be done. With the right mentality and affirmed beliefs, anything can be done if you want it badly enough. That’s the truth. Now, if you’re like most people including myself before I worked through all of this, you’ll probably feel some animosity towards that statement. It’s much easier to decide that it can’t be done because of ____. Whatever your feeling is on the subject. Just know that when it comes to success and happiness in life, nobody can take away from you what you give yourself.

If you choose to feel bad, nobody will be able to convince you that things are good. You will amplify whatever turns out less-than-ideal into a justification and affirmation of your belief that things are bad. Consciously, of course you wouldn’t do this. Not all things are bad. Not all people are evil or stupid or whatever your belief system had adapted to.

Just some thoughts. I think I’ll update this more often too. I am beginning to accept that it’s not just about my progress. Life is about giving. None of this is groundbreaking. There are thousands of different types of personal development material, maybe hundreds of thousands. Hmm.


So I haven’t written anything on here in quite a while because I was really quite out of it. Well, I wasn’t out of consciousness, but I was out of caring about sharing with minimal progress. However, recently something just clicked. You can immerse yourself in ridiculous amounts of personal development material without applying any of it. I think everyone does that in the beginning.

For me, I have recently managed to get a hold of my eating impulses. I used to believe that “if I don’t eat this [food] that’s in front of me now, I might not get to later”, which is ridiculousness and a half. So I talked myself down a little from that ledge. It’s made all the difference by editing the self-talk, I must say.

I took a look at what I was doing. My entire life of weight-awareness – and by that I mean, the entire time I was just wanting to lose weight, I wanted to just have the weight gone. It didn’t really matter about health. All the “good” programs always make it out like “Give yourself reasons for good health”, but health never really appealed. It wasn’t my issue. In actuality, it was my feelings about my life. my feelings about myself and my environment. I was so limited in my beliefs about food. I don’t particularly like any sauces and certainly no condiments, and I didn’t actually believe healthy food could taste good.

Never caring to harp on problems, I’ve actually decided to stop documenting the problem. I realized that once I accepted that okay… It’s not hard to eat every three hours, I do it at work. I don’t feel deprived and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything because I’ve already lost weight. The weight loss is the result, not the process.