Knowing What’s Right

Deep down, everyone knows what’s right for them. If ever you’re unsure, remember that by knowing what you do not want, you automatically have some idea of what you do want. Thinking of it that way always helped pivot my thoughts from “Omg I hate dis!” to “Hmmm, why do I hate this?”

In my situation, I went through (and still occasionally go through) phases where I really don’t like my job. I really, really don’t like my job. Sometimes. Most of the time though, it’s a really good job. I make enough money for me to be smiley and not panicky about paying my bills (though I can’t discredit the value of actually having standards for fiscal responsibility), while being able to travel and having time to do so as well. I chose to dislike my job to the degree that I did before, mostly because I became enthralled with the fact I felt like I had to be there, not that I chose it.

I know I need to commit more to writing. I love writing and I think it’s something that’s always been sort of natural for me.

Take what you can from wherever you are in life. You’re in that position for a reason, and it’s a direct result of the way you think. But you already knew that.

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